Jeroen van Zwetselaar

“When we design a project we look at the larger whole, while being mindful of the details”

“By connecting spaces, movement is created”


Jeroen van Zwetselaar’s characteristic designs are created in a team consisting of interior designers, architects, craftspeople and creators, all working together on personal, exceptional projects. Working in a team enables us to fuse our various voices and ensure our creations are genuinely unconventional and distinguished from traditional thinking.

We all share a passion for progress, always looking for ways to reinvent, improve creativity, and experiment with new perspectives. As a result, we create natural, distinctive designs, representing true quality with a strong signature, bringing to light exceptional and personal stories.

In our process, it is crucial we have a personal relationship with our clients. This is a necessity in order to obtain a deeper understanding of their values, identity and soul. Combining this with contrasting elements such as the historical and the contemporary, movement and stillness, eventually connecting all of these elements into one holistic whole, we can truly speak to people’s hearts.

Together, we create, consult, design, build, install, inspire, develop and collaborate, aiming for a flawless process, a convenient, organized and qualitative journey for the best possible result.
Our services include architecture, interior design, styling and product design, as well as fine art.

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