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A rockin’ world of architecture, interior design, art and collaborations. Where projects from the past interplay with our work in progress.


Renovation an existing building with 360 views is an exiting challenge. Creating the perfect lay-out within the existing structure while capturing the right views. All to maximise the experience of its surroundings.

Renovation an existing building Ibiza
Renovation an existing building Ibiza

Modern Farmhouse

A wooden skeleton, thatched in the old fashioned way. An impressive farmhouse with big glass windows, a lot of natural light and daring architectural lines.

Project in progress

Ibiza — Exploring the field of a new renovation project on Ibiza, this place has a stunning 360-view on the top of the mountain. New project, new limits. Evoking pure and rural surroundings.

Residence Villa Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Riverside Villa photography shoot by Kasia Gatkowska — soon this project will be revealed, to be continued..

Jeroen van Zwetselaar Kasia Gatkowska
Jeroen Van Zwetselaar Interieur Architect Riverside Villa exterior architecture

Notes from the past, projects in the present, concepts for the future

Launch event COLL interior architects collective

Recordings TV series Design Secrets during the event at A’dam Tower

Launch event COLL interior architects collective

The Interior Collective COLL. was founded in The Netherlands to represent the best talent in the industry and to provide its clients with access to a top selection of interior architects.

architecture railway house braeak through old elements

Project before and after

The transformation of former Railway House (Start 2009 - Finish 2012)

Railway house

Waterfront Villa

Waterfront Villa

Villa Duinrand

architecture 70s house changed the routine luxury workspace

The launch of The Interior Collective – COLL. took place during a private event as part of GLUE Amsterdam, a four-day design tour in the city. During this launch moment at the A’DAM Tower, numerous people from the world of interior design were represented. – COLL. is a group of nine renowned Dutch interior architects and designers who joined forces within the collective. It’s an industry movement founded to inspire, learn and share passion.
Photography by Eduard van Wijk

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This charming villa in Baarn dating from 1903 had a traditional layout meaning that the beautiful width of the building could not be optimally experienced. Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar was asked to help the house reach its full potential. Walls were broken through and the original large hall was partly integrating into the living room. The kitchen was given a central new place behind the ensuite doors in the former dining room. The hall was reduced in size and the staircase was ‘wrapped’ in wood, running from floor to ceiling. The attic floor was completely broken open and transformed into a loft-like space. These changes in combination with the new interior design ensure that today, the full width of the building is utilised.

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This 1920s waterfront villa in Amsterdam was turned into a sustainable family home, in which inside and outside as well as old and new are connected. The spiral staircase provides an attractive break in the horizontal lines within the villa, and the glass extension to the garden connects the interior with the exterior, which is reinforced by allowing the floor to partly run outdoors. The interior has a sober beauty with a global character, created by the use of natural colours and materials such as walnut wood, concrete, marble, steel and clay stucco. The old structure of the house has remained visible and some historical elements have been restored, making for an eclectic mix of past and present.

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This 70s house was missing good sightlines and connection with its surrounding, making it feel locked in. We completely changed the routing, so that the original passageway to the living room today consists entirely out of glass, meaning you now walk straight through the house towards the kitchen, which was originally located in the front house. Turning what was once the garage into a luxury workspace, created one long perspective from the front, all the way to the back of the house. Both facades have been made almost entirely out of glass, allowing for a wonderful incidence of light throughout the house as well as the enhancement of sightlines, making the house feel wonderfully spacious.

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