Jeroen van Zwetselaar

Villa Aerdenhout

Art filled home

We design spaces and private homes that reflect a personal story. 

Architectural lines are of central importance in every design. Both in an aesthetic and functional way.


This beautiful grand villa is surrounded by nature and has a characteristic arched exterior. With a modern extention for gym and wellness.

This former dairy farm in the rural area around Utrecht was transformed into a spectacular residential home. 

Canal House Amsterdam

The division of this beautiful neck-gable 1670 canal house into three parts meant that it was full of asymmetry and very incoherent, feeling out of balance.

“An interior should not be beautiful in any archaic or trendy sense; it should perfectly reflect the surroundings and the residents’ personalities”

Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar

This old factory in Bloemendaal was turned into our new studio with the application of the same distinctive signature style used in all our projects. The singular way the original elements are preserved and combined with the contemporary design is a showcase for the work we do.

Riverside Villa

The house was build in the 1900 but in the decades after various additions and alterations has changed the house over time. But since the 70’s not much has happened to the house so it was an amazing opportunity to bring back original details while bringing it to modern day standards.

This 1920s waterfront villa in Amsterdam was turned into a sustainable family home, in which inside and outside as well as old and new are connected.

Cogwheel Factory Amsterdam

Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar had the exciting challenge of transforming a former cogwheel factory in the heart of Amsterdam into a timeless dwelling that plays with light, height and an enormous volume. It was a great challenge to maintain an open space with the presence of two staircases, without it becoming too restless.

Casper Faassen's Home

A close cooperation between Jeroen van Zwetselaar and artist Casper Faassen led to the creation of this gorgeous interior of the latter’s spacious semi-detached 1930’s house. It was neglected and in desperate need of lots of light, atmosphere and open spaces to create a pleasant atmosphere, restore it to its former glory and turned it into a wonderful family home.

The transformation and extension of this railway house is an ingenious manifestation of contrast and alternation.

This project is all about integration: the villa, the coach house, the garden and the residents’ personalities and lifestyle.

Store Spuistraat

A strong contradiction between raw and refined created a luxurious and multifunctional welcoming space. This high-end boutique store has a modulair interior which can quickly be adapted to the fast changing of it’s fashion collection.

Villa at the Dunes

This 70s house was missing good sightlines and connection with its surrounding, making it feel locked in. We completely changed the routing, so that the original passageway to the living room today consists entirely out of glass, meaning you now walk straight through the house towards the kitchen, which was originally located in the front house.

This charming villa in Baarn dating from 1903 had a traditional layout meaning that the beautiful width of the building could not be optimally experienced.

The transformation of a former auto repair shop in to an industrial space for dining, meetings and exclusive party’s.