Jeroen van Zwetselaar


Dunetop Villa

Materials used

concrete – stucco – steel – glass – dark oak –  plants 





Square meters


“A house with a view that works with the scenery; not against it.”

dune top villa the netherlands
dune top villa the netherlands

Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar

A house that is tucked away, but provides a spectacular view once you step inside. 

The multi-storey residential building offers a calm and open atmosphere where you are in close contact with the changing of the seasons. 


dune top villa netherlands

"Harmony is created by integrating the structure into it's surroundings"

Additional Text

Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar had the exciting challenge of transforming a former cogwheel factory in the heart of Amsterdam into a timeless dwelling that plays with light, height and an enormous volume. It was a great challenge to maintain an open space with the presence of two staircases, without it becoming too restless. We found the solution in designing multifunctional forms that serve as staircases as well as the bearers for the ‘floating’ floor, into which the kitchen is partly integrated. Warm oak was chosen in combination with a concrete floor in keeping with the industrial origin. The contrast is constantly visible.

dune top villa the netherlands
dune top villa
dune top villa
dune top villa