Jeroen van Zwetselaar


Dune Villa Aerdenhout

Materials used

Walnut – Rawsteel – Oak – stucco – leather inlay – warm yellow tones 





Square meters


“A building is alive, it tells a story that merges with the story of the occupant”

Dune Villa Aerdenhout architecture from aroung 1900 handmade designs earthy tones country house

Dune Villa Aerdenhout

The basis of this old country house from around 1900, once housing a notary, was in need of warm atmosphere and living comfort. Interrupting part of the structure and routing by opening up a closed wall with the use of an eye-catching aged brass framed glass doors between the central hall and the dining room, created openness and movement. Subsequently furnishing the house with handmade designs and applying natural pigments on the walls in earthy tones, truly drew out its potential. This, in combination with keeping the grandeur you would expect of an old country house; the high ornamental ceilings, large windows and impressive fireplaces turned Dune Villa Aerdenhout into an art filled home.